20140115-121617.jpgI’ve been driving since 6am and it’s nice sitting in the passenger seat now. We are currently making our way through Tennessee. The accents are awesome but the scenery is pretty dull. We’ve made a hotel reservation in North Little Rock, Arkansas and that’s our goal for today!


  • Mom

    Horehounds are yummy candies. I found a bag of Horehounds at the grocery store near Courtney’s house. What motel chain did you make a reservation with? did you eat breakfast at the motel this morning?

  • Tom

    I once drove straight through from CT to Denver. By the time I got there I went blind, saw an imaginary man walking an imaginary dog across the freeway and woke up in a motel because of gunshots in the parking lot. There were no fancy websites like this back then and I had to use a calling card to communicate via pay phone!

    • Heather

      We’re going from here to Albuquerque tomorrow and that’s going to be painful…I can’t even imagine 2 days nonstop.

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