20140116-133620.jpgI was hoping to get some sweet souvenirs here. Take note of Jill and Snoopy running. We have been running her around all day to attempt to tire her out.

20140116-134731.jpgI got Grania a sequence one.

20140116-134831.jpgThis for the new bedroom.

20140116-134922.jpgStuffed armadillo beer holder for Jill and take note of torso man on the left.

20140116-135115.jpgDreamcatchers anyone?

20140116-135205.jpgCase of miscellaneous weapons. It’s nice to know that I can get a 5 pack of mini ninja stars if I want.

20140116-135410.jpgLastly, I saw a buffalo. I don’t think it liked me.

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